The National Martial Arts Association was founded in 1997 by the following martial arts
grandmasters and charter members of the NMAA Board of Directors

  • Sergio DeCasien, Hanshi-Se, 10th Dan Nisei Kito Ryu JiuJitsu

  • Lemuel  J. Stroud (12/22/1930-07/10/2013) Hanshi-Se, 10th Dan Hakko-Ryu JiuJitsu

  • Alan S. Gardner (03/02/1950-11/09/2006) Hanshi, 8th Dan Shotokan Karatedo

  • Gregory T. Johnson, Hanshi and NMAA Chairman, 8th Dan Kyokushin Karatedo

  • Clayton Tucker, Hanshi, 8th Dan Hakko-Ryu JiuJitsu

                        Additional Members of the Board of Directors

  • Marshall Cradock, Kyoshi, 6th Dan Nisei Kito Ryu JiuJitsu

  • Erick Johnson, Shihan, 5th Dan Kyokushin Karatedo

Welcome to the National Martial Arts Association
                           ABOUT US

We are an organization with no stylistic boundaries; nor do we promote any one art over another.  Our belief is that martial artists must come together to train hard and yet still have fun, while at the same time learning from each other.  Our principles are based upon those set forth by the late Soke Richard P. Baillargeon, founder of the National Karate Jiu-Jitsu Union; that all ranks and titles must be earned the old-fashioned way, through sweat and hard work. NMAA accepts all legitimate traditionally-based and modern martial arts styles from karatedo, taekwondo, jiujitsu, judo, aikido, MMA, kickboxing, Chinese arts and others.  Feel free to contact us for information.


Success is not a matter of chance it is a matter of choice.
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